Friday, December 17, 2010

Greek Sweet Red Pumpkin Pie

Greek Sweet Red winter squash has that classic, sweet pumpkin flavor. They're perfect for making pie, soup and gnocchi.

For several years, I've been trying to bake a sugar free pumpkin pie. I've tried stevia, agave syrup, rice syrup and banana baby food but these products didn't work that well for this type of pie.

Recently, I tried Just Like Sugar and it was the best sugar substitute yet. I used an equal amount of Just Like Sugar to the sugar in the recipe. The pie baked perfectly and tasted pretty good.

 Just Like Sugar is made from natural non-toxic ingredients. They have granulated sugar, baking sugar and brown sugar available. It can be purchased on Maui at Down to Earth or ordered online from the Just Like Sugar website. With shipping, it's just about the same price as Down to Earth.

When I baked pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, I tried Chez Pim's technique for making pie crust. Her recipe is the same one I've been using for many years but her technique produces a crust with a superior texture. Check out her post - One Pie Dough to Rule them All.