Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cima di Rapa - Riccia di S. Marzano

Queen of the
cima di rapa - broccoli rabe - rapini

65 days
Cima di rapa is popular in Italy where it's usually cooked and often tossed with pasta. The plants produce a center flower-stalk and side-shoots that look similar to broccoli but taste like an unspicy mustard green.
It's so easy to grow during our coolest weather and it's not bothered by the cabbageworms that plague my garden during the winter.

Last year I grew a quarantina (40 day) and a novantina (90 day). This year I added Riccia di S. Marzano, a lovely sessantina (60 day). Each one had distinctly different characteristics.
At 65 days, the Riccia di S. Marzano were 3 ft tall and producing a center flower-stalk and slender side-shoots with delicately curled leaves.

I had just made the first batch of kimchi of the year when I harvested the first Riccia di S. Marzano so I substituted it for the broccoli when I made
Enoki, Broccoli & Kimchi Wraps

This is a simple recipe where I can feature some of my garden harvests - even black sesame seeds that I grew last summer.

Purple Peacock broccoli is perfect for this recipe as it's sweet and tender. And cima di rapa - it's for the more adventurous.

For growing information see my post -
Cima di Rapa - Broccoli Rabe