Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guyana - Another Fabulous Hot Pepper

Guyana, Cyklon,
White Bermuda Onions
and Santa Fe Grande

In early February, I planted 20 peppers that I hadn't grown previously. Most were from the capsicum baccatum and capsicum chinense species. One of the largest and most productive was Guyana.

Guyana grew into a good size bush that produced an abundance of 5 to 7 inch fruit. These peppers were hot, fruity and amazingly delicious when fire-roasted and peeled.

Guyana is a capsicum baccatum and they're on the heat level of a typical jalapeno. Like all the peppers I've grown, they experienced a good deal of blossom and pod drop as the temps increased and sun intensified in May but it was one of the more heat tolerant of the peppers I trailed this spring.

Guyana began to ripen almost two weeks later than Santa Fe Grande and Cyklon - two of my favorites from the 2010 season.

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