Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet & Hot Red Pepper Favorites of 2011

 In early February, I planted 20 varieties of peppers that I hadn't grown before and these were my favorite reds.

Rosso Dolce Appendere
A sweet Italian frying pepper

Bell peppers, and most of the sweet peppers, are in the Capsicum Annuum classification. They're difficult to grow in Kihei due to the climate and the relentless bugs but this summer I had great results with Rosso Dolce. They're a 4 to 5 inch long sweet frying pepper, similar to Jimmy Nardello but Jimmy doesn't grow too well in Kihei.

Nepalese Bells (aka Christmas Bells)
A sweet and slightly hot pepper

Nepalese Bells, a Capsicum Baccatum, was a late season pepper that took 6 months from seed until the first ripe fruit. The Rosso Dulces in the previous photo and the Nepalese Bells were harvested the same day but the Rosso Dolces were the 2nd crop of the summer and the Nepalese were the first. The Nepalese Bells were 2 to 3 inches wide.

A Nepalese Bell towers over the Rosso Dolce Appendere

The Nepalese were 4 to 5 foot tall plants with long branches. Surprisingly, I was able to grow them in large self-watering containers.

A sweet and slightly hot Japanese pepper
Mahalo Mac for the Shiso seeds!

Shiso, a Capsicum Annuum, is a sweet, slightly hot and crinkled pepper. They struggled with the Kihei climate and still produced two crops of peppers this summer. The Shiso peppers were 2 to 3 inches long.
Aji Angelo
A moderately hot South American pepper

Aji Angelo, a Capsicum Baccatum, was my favorite of the Aji peppers that I grew this year. They were 2 to 3 inches long, fruity and not quite as hot as a jalapeno. They're a good pepper for making a not too hot salsa.

Aji Angelo was also a late variety and took over 6 months from seed to the first ripe fruit. The plants were as tall as the Nepalese Bells but looked like small trees. I was able to grow them in large self-watering containers.