Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Dream Come True

Parisian Pickling Cucumbers
Bianco di Trieste Zucchini
Tarbais Shell Beans

This was the first harvest of a a few new to me varieties I trialed this winter. I'm so excited these seeds produced harvestable results in Kihei.

Bianca di Trieste has been beyond impressive - they're early and the most powdery mildew resistant zucchini I've grown so far. The fruit are small and lovely when they flower and the male flowers are large - a perfect combination - all the qualities I've been dreaming of.

Parisian Pickling cucumber vines were late in developing fruit and late is not a good characteristic in the Kihei climate. The vines are unbelievable - they've sprawled all over the other trellises. Powdery mildew has set in but the plants are producing an abundance of fruit. These cucumbers are so crunchy and they made great pickles.

There's no guessing when the Tarbais are ready to pick as fresh shell beans. The pods soften somewhat and turn a light lemon yellow. The Tarbais were prolific plants and they held up well in our winter climate. The beans were planted on 1/22/11 and these 1st pods were harvested today.